Times Table Challenge

Starting this week for the next 6-weeks we are holding a ‘Times Table Challenge’ at St Paul’s, for all pupils from Year 1-6. You have 1 week to learn your multiplication facts off-by-heart, then when you are ready ask a member of staff to ‘challenge’ you (they’ll ask you 3 randomly selected questions, e.g. for Week 1; 2×7=?, What is double 6? and How many 10’s make 90?) Get them all correct to WIN!

Week 1: 12th Nov./Challenge 1 = x2 and x10 facts

Week 2: 19th Nov./Challenge 2 = x5 and x4 facts

Week 3: 26th Nov./Challenge 3 = x3 and x8 facts

Week 4: 3rd Dec./Challenge 4 = x6 and x9 facts

Week 5: 10th Dec./Challenge 5 = x7 and x11 facts

Week 6: 17th Dec./Challenge 6 = x12 facts

Good Luck. Mr Cowburn

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  1. lincoln says:

    im good at the english meford not itallian meford!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

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