iPads, Angry Birds and Algebra

AB Seasons       Algebra


Superb ALGEBRA lesson this week in Year 5 using inspiration from http://mrparkinsonict.blogspot.co.uk/ again.

To start the lesson I let the children ‘play’ Angry Birds in pairs, asking them to keep a running total of their score, ensuring all children had jottings on their whiteboards. We then had a quick game of finding the difference between partner scores. Lots of adding and subtracting with numbers up to 10,000.

We then began with our Algebra. I asked the children to find the total score of each level, from Angry Birds Seasons, when the birds were worth various points: Red (R)=1, Chuck (Y)=2, The Birds (TB)=3, Bomb(B)=5 and Matilda (M)=10. The only rule was not to just record a score.

When all children had completed Level 1 and 2 answers, I then took feedback on how the children had recorded their results, and discussed methods used … and why we now, progressing to the next stage of algebra, couldn’t write, as some had for 1 Matilda + 2 Bomb, 10M + 5B.

To complete the lesson, we then had the challenge of finding which birds were in my imaginary level when the points were worth 6 … an incentive of a sweet for anyone with the correct answer (sorry Healthy School Status) certainly encouraged them all to find more than one possibility.

Great lesson, all were challenged, even my Level 5’s, and all understood and succeeded, even my level 3c’s!