Volume Challenge

For children to actually ‘understand’ mathematics, I believe it is imperative that we show them HOW things work and WHY it is what it is … not just the tricks that get the answer!

Helping the children calculating volume today we got out the unifix cubes, paper and scissors. The challenge was to first cut out one square from each corner of their squared paper to make a tray *(a challenge for some already!).  The children then counted / measured the dimensions and calculated the answer using the formula (v=lbh) .  The pupils then cut out a 2×2 square from each corner and calculated the volume and so on. The challenge – find out the dimensions that will have the greatest / least volume!

Practical and FUN … and the children now have first hand experience of calculating volume! Something to tag their understanding onto to recall when needed!

2014-01-31 11.56.421 2014-01-31 11.58.051 2014-01-31 12.10.561 2014-01-31 12.11.161

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